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Bona 10" Belt Sander, Floor Sanding Machine Review

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It's a widely held view amongst floor sanding professionals that the latest version of the Bona 10" Belt Sander is the best Professional wood floor sander on the market today. This model was brought out by Bona in 2008 and has been a tremendous success.

In my opinion, [we use this machine on a daily basis] this latest version of the highly successful Bona 10" Belt Sander is a cut above the older variants from the Bona stable. The machine is just more aggressive in the way it cuts, its better balanced, and does the job a good 10 - 15% better than its predecessors, which means you can do more with less - I'll expand more on that last comment later in this article.

As on all the Bona 10" belt sanders, changing the belts is very easy indeed and this can literally be carried out in a few seconds. You can also adjust the sanding drum pressure while the machine is running, which is very useful in certain situations, and with the precision lifting and lowering of the sanding drum it makes this machine an absolute dream to use, even for a DIYer using the Bona 10" belt sander for the first time should hold no fears at all.

As for dust, this machine is just superb and captures virtually everything which is produced during the floor sanding process, at least 95% of the dust particulates created during the floor sanding operation is captured within the machines capacious dust bag. Any residual dust left on the surface of the floor is easily vacuumed up in no time.

At 75kg this machine is no lightweight, but don't let the weight fool you, the Bona Belt is an extremely nimble sander and is very easy to manoeuvre even in the tightest of spaces. The Bona 10" is powerful as well, but all the power is well directed making it easy to use.

The 10" Sanding Belt width is pretty much the widest in the industry, most of the competitors machines are 8" wide - who says size doesn't matter !!

Although heavy, the compact design of the machine and the fact that it is easily disassembled and reassembled makes transportation to site simple and most importantly safe for end users.

Re-assembling the machine is straightforward and should only take a few minutes at most.

Earlier in the article I intimated that with the Bona 10" Belt Sander you can 'Do more with less'

Let me elaborate on that comment.

With the earlier models of this machine the average sanding belt, for this examples sake we'll say a P40 grit aluminium oxide sanding belt, on the first cut, would last somewhere between 12-15m2 of sanding off a wooden floor before the abrasive particles became blunt and the belt would need changing for a fresh one.

When using the harder wearing 'Zirconia' wood floor sanding belts, I have found that they last much longer than their equivalent Aluminium Oxide counterparts, although the Zirconia belts are roughly 20 per cent more expensive than the Ali Oxide belts, I have found that they will last a minimum of twice as long, making them a very cost effective option for end users.

I have noticed with the new machine the usage rates for the floor sanding belts have gone up by around the 15% mark overall, meaning the belts are doing a better job and lasting longer, this brings the added bonus of cutting down on waste materials and improved performance, which is no mean feat with all things considered.

The machine comes with several optional extra's, such as a 7kg weight which is designed to fit over the front carrying handle, and a transportation wheel set, which makes moving the machine much easier when an operator is faced with uneven paths or long and difficult entrances to sites.

In summation, Bona have produced another superb wood floor sanding machine with their latest 10" Belt Sander, its all round performance on many different wood floor types and wood species make it a stand out performer for even the very biggest of jobs.

I would say to any doubters out there to try this beast of a machine out properly and see for your selves what a capable powerhouse this wood floor sanding machine is.

I have had my machine getting on for 3 years now and its just as powerful now as when it was brand new, whatever the floor species, whether the floors are flat or lumpy and uneven, this machine will make short work of them all.

My machine hasn't missed a beat and its been used virtually daily for the past three years.

Click on this link [picture below] for a more in depth video from Bona on how to properly use and maintain the superb Bona 10" Belt Sander.

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Thanks For reading - Regards Gary

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