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Wood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

  • Doormats are very useful for trapping dirt and grit from outdoors before it gets the chance to reach your wooden floor. Have mats at all exterior doors and get into a habit of checking the soles of your shoes for gravel and grit caught in the treads of your footwear. Some areas of the house always experience more wear than others; Rugs can be used in high-traffic areas to minimize any damage. Make sure any rugs are always kept clean and dry. Shake them out and vacuum regularly

  • High heels concentrate a person’s weight on a small point
    (estimate: 125lb person = approximately 2,000lbs per inch when taking a normal step). This kind of force can damage many types of flooring, and indeed can fracture ceramic tiles and perforate vinyl, as well as denting and scratching wooden floors. While high heels in good repair may not damage wood flooring, we would certainly recommend a ‘no high heel’ policy

  • Never place plants directly on a wood floor even if they are in a waterproof saucer.  Always use trivets or short stands under the pot and saucer so that air can circulate underneath.  This will prevent condensation on the saucer from damaging a wood floor. It will also be easier to see if the plant is over watered or if any water has spilled onto the wood floor.

  • Wooden Floors are very sensitive to their surrounding climate.  Seasonal gapping is a common occurrence with wood flooring. Wooden floors expand in humid conditions and contract when the air becomes dry, usually due to heating or seasonal climatic changes.
  • Using a humidifier or dehumidifier in conjunction with the heating/cooling system is recommended to maintain a constant 30-50% humidity level, this will help to minimize the expansion and contraction of your wooden floors.

  • Many people are shocked when an area rug is moved and there is an outline of the rug on the floor.  Luckily there is no need to panic.  If you remove the rug completely, the colour will blend eventually but it will take a while.  So be patient!  This happens because the sunlight hits one part of the uncovered floor and does not reach the area of floor underneath the rug.  This discoloration can be avoided by moving the rug often or by using a finish with a UV block when it is time to refinish your floor.

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